At MyMap our aim is to provide online custom interactive maps to meet our clients’ needs.

MyMap ‘Creates-Informs-Connects’

At MyMap we can create an interactive map of any public space whether it is a public building, a stadium, a museum, a shopping centre, a housing development, or a map of temporary events such as a festival, exhibition or seminar. We also create maps which link to information about a subject or set of subjects, e.g. GAA county map  or Local Authorities map.

Maps created by MyMap can be customised to display unlimited levels of detail (such as landmarks for an outdoor event or multiple floors for a shopping centre or exhibition spaces. We can create maps of any size and complexity.

MyMap assists exhibitors by linking their own website on the exhibition’s MyMap. It also provides a unique link for the exhibitor’s stand at an exhibition that can be used on the exhibitor’s website. Thus, your MyMap is a multifunctional information source for your clients or visitors.

Why an Interactive Map?

A common goal for interactive maps is to display location-specific information about an event or the activities of an organisation.

The most important questions to ask yourself before embarking on an interactive mapping project are:

“What do you want to tell your visitors?”


“How will they find it helpful?”

MyMap can help with your interactive mapping needs.

Advantages over traditional paper maps

Interactive maps give instant access to the most up-to-date location-specific information.

Interactive maps can link to other relevant supporting documents and websites.

Interactive maps simplify the information retrieval process.

GAA County Colours

Interactive maps are Dynamic and Accessible

Interactive maps are completely customisable, and information can be categorised to simplify searches by visitors or clients.

The information on the interactive map can be modified to reflect changing business requirements.

The updated map is immediately available within the organisation and to the public as required by each particular project.

Interactive Maps are designed for Easy Exploration

Whether it is a shopping centre, a museum, a hospital or an exhibition, an interactive map makes it extremely easy for your visitors to explore and find what is of interest to them.

Interactive maps allow you to show a wide variety of images, plans and drawings. The user can interact with the map at their discretion, and is able to access additional information, which is not available when using a traditional paper map.

Interactive shopping centre map
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